Vinyl Windows


Vinyl Windows


Vinyl Outside & Inside; Hybrid (Aluminum Outside, Vinyl Inside); Vinyl Outside, Wood Inside;
Double Nature™ (Stainable Vinyl). All come in 2 sizes of frames 3 ¼" or 4 9/16"


1 Drainage and fusion welding for a 100% watertight, airtight surface.
   Avoid water damage with our patented drainage system. Look for
   fusion welding for a smooth attractive finish without adhesives or


2 Rugged weatherstripping. Look for multilayer weatherstripping
   for continuous perimeter contact. Virtually eliminates air leakage.


3 Multichamber profile design. More chambers than any other
   competing product. The result: superior energy performance
   and strong, stable frames won't crack or warp. Excellent
   noise reduction too.


4 Glazing choice. Pick out the glass that works best for you. With our
   models, you've got possibilities: single, double & triple glazing,
   low-E glass, and coatings. All from 3/8 in. to 1 3/8 in.


5 Secure screws for multipoint lock parts and hardware. Specially
   designed for uPVC. Screws are installed through a minimum
   of two uPVC walls for greater stability. Enhanced security,
   enhanced peace-of-mind.



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