Vinyl Windows




The Single Tilt/Slider is an economical version of the double tilt with
a fixed stationary and one slider for better air tightness.


1 Interior glazing bead design constitutes a key security feature,
   allowing the window to withstand winds of over 330 km/h (205 mph).

2 The full size, double-walled handle bead is exceptionally sturdy.

3 The double walls of the sash give it increased sound abatement
   qualities and strength.

4 Quadruple weather stripping provides remarkable airtightness,
   reducing heating and air conditioning costs.

5 Multi-chamber systems resist warping, even in extreme conditions.


Additional Features

1 Can be installed as structural or modular windows.
2 Can be specially reconfigured in any number of ways.
3 Durability and elegance add value to any home.
4 Superior thermal insulation.
5 Convenient operating panels allow easy cleaning from inside.
6 Sashes readily accept a wide range of energy-smart glass options.
7 Rigorous performance testing ensures years of trouble-free operation.




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