The Low-Emissivity Llow-E) Glass Difference

Low-E glass helps your home be more energy efficient and comfortable thanks to an almost invisible, microscopically-thin coating that blocks out solar energy and keeps in furnace heat.

As you can see from the picture below, you can feel the dramatic difference this thin coating can make. The window with Low-E glass transmits far less heat than the clear glass window. All that heat is being blocked by the Low-E coating.

Choose Low-E glass windows to feel more comfortable
year round and for years to come.




Infrared Thermography





More Solar Heat Transmitted


Less Solar Heat Transmitted


Energy Management Glass: Guardian's residential low-E products are formulated to meet specific solar- and energy-control needs of different climates and geographic regions using energy codes and guidelines such as ENERGY STAR. Check out the ClimaGuard product links below to see which formulation is right for your region.


ClimaGuard 75/68 for northern climates with increased heating requirements.




ClimaGuard 71/38 for regions with hot summers and cold winters.

offers balanced performance in cooling-dominated climates.




ClimaGuard IS offers balanced performance in cooling-dominated climates.




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